Rabbi Yaakov Nerenberg..."At your service!"

Rabbi Nerenberg is Your “Everything” Rabbi!

Rabbi Nerenberg, in South Florida, is one of the most warm, helpful, compassionate, and an extraordinarily entertaining “independent” “Rabbi for hire” recognized as such by the South Florida Jewish Journal.

Whether you have landed here because you could use some advice, counsel, love and light, or are excitingly planning a memorable affair, then let’s say your having found us is…Bashert!

Rabbi Yaakov Nerenberg, bilingual and happily performing ceremonies and services in both English, Spanish, even both; elevating the experience and creating a more lasting memory for all those in attendance!

Serving South Florida, the Caribbean, & Latin America; offering services that include:


  • A Jewish or Interfaith wedding ceremony,
  • An affordable & memorable “private” or “individualized”  Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah and seek a professional Rabbi for both Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons along with a subsequent private service;
  • Have welcomed a shaina maidel baby girl into the world and it’s time to for her baby naming ceremony;
  • It’s a Boy! A Bris with Rabbi and Mohl…Even catering should you enjoy the assistance;
  • So you want to get married? Planning a traditional Jewish wedding; inter-faith Jewish wedding; wedding vow renewals; or conversions;
  • Destination Wedding? Hispanic Family and want a Bilingual Rabbi in South Florida who is happy to travel as well? You found him!
  • Have you suffered the loss of a loved one, have questions or want to hire a Funeral Rabbi?  Need compassionate and experienced help with funeral arrangements? Call me! I am here for you and your mishpucha.

Whether the occasion is one of joy and needs a customized service for a truly lasting, joyous, and happy memory; or

You have lost a loved one and want a funeral Rabbi in South Florida to take you from overwhelm into grieving,  please do not hesitate to call (561) 706-1771 today for immediate assistance.

This is my life’s work…I welcome your calls, questions, thoughts and am here to help the best I can.  Again, please feel free to call me without hesitation…

Finally, I want to repeat this throughout my website.   When we play “Jewish geography” wherever we go, it’s uncanny how often we are connected to one another.  Although this is something wonderful when we realize that our roommates sister dated my brother’s father in law (Not sure if that’s possible, but it rolled off the tongue nicely!) — Sincerely, it’s wonderful that we are a connected community by way of G-d and his infinite wisdom or “intelligence” (as it has become “hip” to say); Be that as it may, we are also a religion of few, maybe 15 million throughout the world and it is our duty to stay connected.

Whether you seek a spouse, long-lost camp friend, need a mentor in your life or business, or are unsure how to make Judaism a part of your life without becoming super religious…The answer is always in our heritage and culture and desire to be proud of our community.  Bookmark my site and know that my son Seth, his friends, and I are excited to create a true “online Jewish community!”  Please sign up for your free Jewish geography social profile and get ready for the launch of our interactive, Facebook-like  online Jewish community!

Additionally, those globally, and in South Florida initially,  who have grown children out of the house or who have not married and simply have not stayed members of a local shul, think of this site as your new temple! Free membership for life and in the future, we intend on providing local high holiday services in a venue near you!  As one of the most well known bilingual Rabbis…”se habla espanol! “Once again, we welcome you to sign up, sign in, stay connected.

Shalom! Sending light and love to all of our online, global, growing congregation!